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What is Northshore Select soccer?

The Northshore Select Club (NSC) is the select soccer club in the Northshore Youth Soccer Association. We are a middle ground between premier and recreational soccer, providing a cost-effective alternative for the soccer experience that balances the commitment of time and money with an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to play competitive soccer. We offer programs for boys and girls ages U10-U19 . NSC teams are formed through a tryout process.

What are the NSC Club objectives?

  • Bridge the gap between the premier select program and the NYSA/United Recreational Program.
  • Attract and keep quality athletes in NYSA who wish to continue playing competitive soccer, yet participate in other activities throughout the year.
  • Develop soccer players so that they can compete for positions on school teams.

Who manages the NSC Club?

The NSC Club is managed by an Executive Committee of coaches and other volunteers. All teams head coaches are considered council members.

How long is the season and when is it played?

Please refer to our NSC Talking Points.

Where/when will the teams practice?

Please refer to our NSC Talking Points. They will train on fields around the Northshore School District area, along with Sixty Acres Park. NSC teams only train on grass or turf throughout the season.

Where and when will the teams play?

NSC select soccer is a travel league and teams can travel within western Washington for match play. Younger ages (U10-U14) typically play their matches on Saturday. Older ages (U15 and above) play their matches on Sundays. NSC teams also play a summer tournament season and at our annual Cranberry Cup tournament in late November of each year. Some team select to play in the post-season Founder's Cup tournament sponsored by Washington Youth Soccer. Please refer to our NSC Talking Points.

What about other sports or family vacations?

We understand that families take vacations and athletes sometimes enjoy playing multiple sports. Coaches are typically very flexible during the summer months. However, coaches will request that soccer be your first priority sport during the fall league season. The key to resolving conflict is early, often communication with your coaching staff.

What participation is expected of parents?

NSC is run completely by volunteers, including our coaches, and each family is expected to volunteer at either the team or club level. There are a wide variety of volunteer positions available with each team and the club.

What is the difference between select and premier soccer?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences. Premier soccer is the highest level of amateur soccer in the state. It involves playing soccer year around, paid professional coaching, 2-3 practices per week, 2-5 tournaments per year, and multi-state travel in the older age groups. Select requires less commitment than premier, both in terms of time and in money. It typically involves training half of the year, and is run by volunteer and semi-volunteer coaching.

What are the fees and costs for the NSC Club?

Please see our page about program costs here: and please refer to our NSC Talking Points.

I have heard that some former premier level players don’t make NSC teams. Is this true?

There is a common misconception that every premier level player MUST be more skillful and technically competent than every club select level player. Particularly at the early ages, the biggest differentiating factor between premier and select players is level of commitment and passion for the sport rather than skill. Our tryout evaluators also look for specific skill sets to match the style of play valued by the NSC club which may or may not be identical to premier level programs. For this reason, it is not uncommon that former premier level players are not offered a roster spot on an NSC team.

Are NSC teams balanced or do you have an "A" team and a "B" team?

NSC offers an A/B/C format for our teams from U10-U19. This allows NSC to continue to compete at every age level for a state championship and continues our mission of providing the best Select player development environment in Washington State..

What is NSC's Policy on "Playing Up?"

In order to qualify for a skill based play up within NSC, any player must accomplish the following:

1) Score in the top percentile of their current age group

2) Be capable of being a starting player on the A team of the older age group

*The NSC Executive Committee reserves the right to make all final decisions / have final approval of all play-up requests. 

What happens at tryouts?

Prospective players are assigned a numbered tryout jersey to be worn at each tryout session. Players will be identified by that unique jersey number during the course of the tryout. Tryouts typically consist of small-sided games (4v4) where NSC coaches and qualified guest evaluators rate players on skill and athletic ability demonstrated during the tryouts. Tryouts then transition to larger games similar to the numbers you would see during a regular game. Please refer to our the NSC Tryout FAQs for additional information.

Are returning players given preference during tryouts?

No, returning players receive no preferential treatment during tryouts. All players start with the same blank slate and selection is based on the skills that a player demonstrates during the tryout itself. All players are specifically requested to not wear any former club identifying clothing so as not to influence the selection process. 

My son/daughter heard another player say they were guaranteed a spot on a roster?

There are no guaranteed roster spots for any player regardless of what anyone tells you. In fact, historically each year teams can turn over 33% or more of their last year’s roster.

I wasn’t selected. Does that mean that I’m not a good soccer player?

Absolutely not. Each year we see many very good soccer players who, for one reason or another, we could not place on a NSC team. We understand that our tryout format may not suit the playing style for some players and may not highlight their key strengths. Our advice and counsel is to continue playing soccer in whatever format you can and let us see you again next year.

I heard that tryouts favor the offensive player rather than the defensive player? Is this true?

Any selection process is imperfect at best. However, the NSC club has certain ideals that it looks for when selecting players. The ability to receive a pass and make a pass within confined spaces is a skill applicable at any outfield position. We also look for players who know and understand how to move off the ball when not in possession. Positive communication to teammates is a desired trait for players as is a player’s ability to close space, shut down passing lanes and put in a solid tackle. While there are small goals set out on the tryout surface, we do not evaluate for finishing ability or scoring prowess into these goals. They exist simply to give the players a direction to move. The NSC club values these minimum skills sets and uses them as a baseline upon which to teach other offensive and defensive skills throughout the course of the season.

I heard that a player once got moved or “traded” to the other team? Is this possible?

Players can move between teams at the same age group and gender. Typically this happens when, through their development, a player moves from a development team onto one of the other teams; however it can work in reverse as well. Player movement can also occur between teams when it is deemed in the best interest of that player for development purposes. When this occurs, we strive to include the parent and players in the discussion though there is no guarantee that a player will return to the same team as last year regardless of their tryout evaluation ranking.

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