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NSC Frequently Asked Questions - Tryouts


What age group should my player tryout for?

NSC adheres to the USSF guidelines related to birth year play.  Please see the US Youth Soccer Age Chart to determine which age group your player belongs to. 

Does my player need to attend both days ?

It is highly recommended that the player attends both days of tryouts. The first day is typically a small field format, where as the second day is a full field format. This will allow coaches to evaluate your player in different formats and aspects of the game. 

We cannot attend tryouts because of injury or vacation, what do we do?

NSC advise that you still register for tryouts, which will make any supplemental tryout process much simpler.  Returning players should contact your coach and let them know of your situation. While NSC has the option for a supplemental, the supplemental tryout process is at the discretion of the coaches of the age group. The coaches will determine after tryouts are completed if they wish to have a supplemental, and which kids to invite to the supplemental tryouts. Supplemental tryouts are intended to fill any open roster spots available after tryouts have been completed, and are thus not guaranteed.

What is the format for tryouts?

Prospective players are assigned a numbered tryout jersey to be worn at each tryout session. Players will be identified by that unique jersey number during the course of the tryout. Tryouts typically consist of small-sided games (3v3 or 4v4) where NSC coaches and qualified evaluators rate players on skill and athletic ability demonstrated during the tryouts. Tryouts then transition to larger games similar to the numbers you would see during a regular game. NEW this year, our coaches and evaluators now have the option to use an online tool to track the evaluation data.  Coaches may be using a phone during tryouts. 

Are there tryouts for goalkeepers?

During either Day 1 or Day 2 of tryouts the coaches and evaluators will ask which players are trying out for goalkeeper.  At that point, the players interested in trying out for goalkeeper will be given a chance to showcase their skills in front of the evaluators.

Are returning players given preference during tryouts?

No, returning players receive no preferential treatment during tryouts. All players start with the same blank slate and selection is based on the skills that a player demonstrates during the tryout itself. All players are specifically requested to not wear any former club identifying clothing so as not to influence the selection process. 

My son/daughter heard another player say they were guaranteed a spot on a roster?

There are no guaranteed roster spots for any player regardless of what anyone tells you. 

I heard that tryouts favor the offensive player rather than the defensive player. Is this true?

Any selection process is imperfect at best. However, the NSC club has certain ideals that it looks for when selecting players. The ability to receive a pass and make a pass within confined spaces is a skill applicable at any outfield position. We also look for players who know and understand how to move off the ball when not in possession. Positive communication to teammates is a desired trait for players as is a player’s ability to close space, shut down passing lanes and put in a solid tackle. While there are small goals set out on the tryout surface, we do not evaluate for finishing ability or scoring prowess into these goals. They exist simply to give the players a direction to move. The NSC club values these minimum skills sets and uses them as a baseline upon which to teach other offensive and defensive skills throughout the course of the season.

Does NSC support multi-sport athletes?

Yes, NSC absolutely supports players that wish to play other sports. During their primary soccer season, however, NSC expects soccer to be their first priority.

Does NSC allow players to tryout to play-up a year?

Skill based play-ups are not allowed for U10 and U9 players, no exceptions.

All U11-U19 players (NSC and New) who wish to request to tryout as a skill-based play-up must first register and tryout for their birth year and then attend the tryout session of the year older team. All play-up requests will be reviewed in accordance with the current NSC process for play-ups. Players (NSC and New) that knowingly or unknowingly neglect to follow NSC guidelines and processes will be considered ineligible for play-up status.

In order to qualify for a skill-based play-up within NSC, a player must accomplish the following:

- Be capable of being a starting player on the A/Green team of the older birth year age group

- Score in the top percentile of their current birth year age group. 

The NSC Executive Team and Director of Coaching reserves the right to make final decisions regarding final approval of all play-up requests.

If I am a returning NSC player that played-up last season, what age should I tryout for?

Players who played-up the previous season on an NSC team have three options:

1. Try-out exclusively for the birth year of the team they were registered to the previous season. (recommended). With this option the player should only register for the play-up birth year from the previous season.

2. Choose to try-out for both the birth year of the team they were registered on in that previous season and their regular birth year.  By selecting this option, the NSC Player would a) forgo their previous play-up status, b) automatically released from their previously rostered NSC team, and c) be subject to the NSC process for play-ups.

3. Choose to try-out only for their birth year however if they do so, NSC Player would forgo their previous play-up status and automatically be released from their previously rostered NSC team.

Note: All Players (NSC and New) must tryout and receive a new roster spot each season. No player is guaranteed a roster spot. 

I am a parent and would like to volunteer during tryouts, who do I notify?

We appreciate all volunteers and would love to have additional help when needed!  During the registration process there is a check box that you can mark that asks if you are willing to help.  The NSC team will contact you once they receive your registration information.  You can also email and let us know that you are interested in volunteering.

Does NSC offer scholarships?

Yes, we provide reduced fees to families that qualify.  Email a qualifying document to

  • foodstamps letter
  • school free/reduced lunch letter
  • state sponsored healthcare

For further questions please email