New U-10 Program

NSC introduced the U10 program during the 2016-17 season. Male and female players at this U10 age group (see table below) who would like to tryout for a challenging and competitive soccer program are encouraged to attend tryouts (which are typically in May). This is currently the youngest age group that we have, and currently we do not have a process for play-ups.

NSC BU10 and GU10 FAQ's

1. Is NSC right for you?

 The Northshore Select Club (NSC) is the select soccer club in the Northshore Youth Soccer Association. We are a middle ground between premier and recreational soccer, providing a cost-effective alternative for the youth soccer experience that balances the commitment of time and money with an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to play competitive soccer. We offer programs for boys and girls ages U10-U19 . NSC teams are formed through a tryout process. If your U10 player would like to be challenged beyond what recreational soccer is currently offering him/her, NSC might be the right fit. 

2. What is the time commitment for my U10 player? 

U10 NSC teams will be expected to begin practice in June. Practices take place 2x per week for 1.5 hours each. Practices will be held in a variety of locations in the Northshore area. League play will begin just after Labor Day and last through late November / early December. During the summer, selected players will participate in a minimum of two tournaments.  U10 players will also likely participate in NSC's own tournament, the Cranberry Cup, that takes place over Thanksgiving weekend (Fri - Sun). 


US Youth Soccer Age Chart by Seasonal Year

  Birth Year     2019-2020     2020-2021     2021-2022     2022-2023  
2013     U-10
2012   U-10 U-11
2011 U-10 U-11 U-12
2010 U-10 U-11 U-12 U-13
2009 U-11 U-12 U-13 U-14
2008 U-12 U-13 U-14 U-15
2007 U-13 U-14 U-15 U-16
2006 U-14 U-15 U-16 U-17
2005 U-15 U-16 U-17 U-18
2004 U-16 U-17 U-18 U-19
2003 U-17 U-18 U-19  
2002 U-18 U-19    
2001 U-19      

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