2018 Tryout Schedule
2018/2019 season

We still have High School Girls playing their regular 2017/2018 season and there are also State Cup competitions currently ongoing, however we are beginning to think about tryouts for the 2018/2019 season!


High School Boys tryouts are always early and have to be completed before the High School soccer season starts, however if you are a High School Boy (DOB 2000-2003) and missed the NSC tryouts that were held in February, and you are interested in playing Select then e-mail info@northshoreselect.org for more information.


All other tryouts (Girls : 2009-2000)  (Boys : 2009-2004) will be held in May. We don't have any dates or field locations yet as they are still not available to us. We can put in field requests sometime in April but field allocation is very dynamic and changeable with multiple sports competing for the same space as well as tournament competitions still ongoing that will always have priority. It is only when these events are concluded that we will be able to secure exact dates and times - but as soon as we do then they will be posted here.


Please note that registration for tryouts is done on the NYSA site and will not be available until April 1st. Click here for registration details.


We will start with the younger age groups starting as early as possible in May. The youngest age group (U10) is exclusively for the 2009 birth year and does not have a play-up model. This means that anybody born after 2009 will have to wait until they hit that U10 bracket. More information for our youngest age group (U10) 

Also see our tryout FAQ

Please e-mail info@northshoreselect.org if you have any further questions.