Street Soccer
No Rules, Just Right


What is Street Soccer? 

Street soccer is free and open to all players who will be U10-U13 (birth year 2004-2007) for the 2016-17 season AND who were registered last year in NYSA - recreational, select, or premier.  Street soccer is small sided games with no coaching, no referees, and no parents yelling from the sidelines.  We are just out to play soccer!  During your players session we will form random teams, play a small sided game, and then do it all over again.  Players rotate between multiple teams and, at the end of the session, prizes are awarded for team play.  

Registration occurs on-site and it’s FREE.  The number of teams and layout is completely based around who shows up.

2016 Street Soccer Schedule

This year street soccer will take place on April 20th and 27th at Pop Keeney Stadium and the times for the age group sessions will be:

*5:00-5:10 ~ 2007's warm-up

*5:10-5:55 ~ 2007's games (4 games of about 8 minutes per game)

*5:55-6:05 ~ 2006's warm-up

*6:05-6:50 ~ 2006's games (4 games of about 8 minutes per game)

*6:50-7:00 ~ 2005's warm-up

*7:00-7:45 ~ 2005's games (4 games of 8 minutes per game)

*7:45-7:55 ~ 2004's warm up

*7:55-8:40 ~ 2004's games (4 games of 8 minutes per game)


Players be sure to bring the following:

- Soccer Cleats (no baseball or football cleats allowed)

- Shin Guards

- Water Bottle

- Soccer Ball



Parents are welcome to attend the street soccer sessions to watch, but no coaching will be allowed.  The intent of street soccer is to allow the players to come out and enjoy the game of soccer in a safe environment.  All parents attending street soccer will need to sit in the home stands at Pop Keeney.